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Build your own News Empire.

News Tower is a news and resource management simulation game. Your goal is to build a newspaper empire in 1930s New York that is economically profitable, independent, and, most importantly, that covers trustworthy news. Check your sources, or don’t.

Manage your tower from printer to toilet. Hire new employees, discover the globe and stumble upon the world’s latest news. Assign the best reporters to the job. Search for exclusives, scoops and advertising deals. Keep an eye on your readers’ needs, increase subscriptions and earn big bucks.

News Tower is a fascinating game filled with tales of cultural and economic struggles, intrepid adventures and sporting victories. It will capture the interest of any simulation game lover.

New York, 1930. The USA is in depression. The biggest economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world and another World War are imminent. Newspapers are struggling throughout the country, as many of their customers are having to pinch pennies like never before. In this turbulent time, you are trying to become one of the nation’s most trusted newspapers, and to create one of Brooklyn’s most iconic buildings: News Tower.